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It was times like this that Lydia wondered how on earth she’d gotten to this point: a year ago she’d been the carefree omega mistress of Peter Hale, a handsome, wealthy Alpha, who was amazing in bed, who was paying her tuition to Stanford, and who wouldn’t dream of demanding exclusivity of an omega.


Now, she was an unmated omega nearing the end of a high-risk pregnancy, living in a run-down tenement, dependent for just about everything on a needy, hyperactive omega rent-boy and an obdurate, humorless Alpha with a hero complex, who just so happened to be her ex-lover's nephew.


It sounded like the set-up for one of the more depressing Puccini operas.


Basically my attempt at a La Bohème/Rent/Teen Wolf mash-up, only not a tragedy and set in the Omegaverse!


28,500 words

Though normally she disliked the phrase “sex on a stick,” Lydia had to admit it fit Laura Hale. Even if Lydia had never read the gossip pages, she’d know Laura Hale was a player, a classic Alpha heart-breaker. That was fine with Lydia: it would be nice to just have fun with an Alpha without worrying about any messy entanglements.

A short fic about how Lydia first met Laura Hale. Set before the main events of Bohème Rhapsody, about two months after Lydia started living with Peter Hale.

3883 Words

“You want me to meet with someone named Cody Knots? Is this a joke?” Peter demanded.

His nephew looked even more constipated than usual. “Cody Knots is, uh, his stage name. His real name is Theo Raeken. He sent a list of references when he requested the appointment.”

“An Alpha porn star wants an appointment with me?"


Prequel to Bohème Rhapsody, filling out events mentioned in chapter 2. Basic Background: the same day Peter Hale announced he was running for the U.S. Senate, his omega mistress, Lydia Martin, discovered she's pregnant and left him. Now a few weeks later, an Alpha sex worker named Theo Raeken requests an interview.

3548 Words

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