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 Seven years ago, Jackson Whittemore forced an Alpha mating bite on eleven-year-old omega Isaac Lahey. As punishment, he was banished from Beacon Hills until they both came of age. In the meantime, Isaac has become best friends with Stiles Stilinski and helped him found the high school activist group, Omega Rights Today. But having finally turned eighteen, Isaac knows that Jackson will be coming for him.


24,250 Words.

Eleven-year-old Jackson Whittemore might be separated from Isaac Lahey until they're both grown-ups, but he's still determined to be a good Alpha to his mate.


Takes place right after the events in chapter five of Mating Bite.


965 Words.

Derek Hale knew what was due to an omega—of course he did. He was a Hale and the Hale pack revered their omegas. So why was he about to throttle this skinny, rude, infuriating omega—who was seriously fucking annoying by the way--who just so happened to be his mate?


Basically the Alpha-omega Mixer as seen through the eyes of Derek Hale.


8640 Words.

Masturbate or write a blog post? Decisions, decisions.


Or, Stiles at home, by himself, right after the Beacon Hills Alpha-omega Mixer.


2277 words

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