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Fifteen months ago, a judge declared Stiles an "incorrigible omega" and gave him a choice between prison and getting mated to an Alpha.

Stiles chose prison.

His dad chose mating. So Stiles was mated to Peter Hale and moved to Los Angeles.

Where Stiles ran away. He ran away six times.

And Peter is getting sick of it.


15,900 words

As soon as Stiles presented as omega, things started going down hill fast--like Olympic-snow-boarding-medalist level fast. As his life increasingly took on the attributes of a dumpster fire, there was one person who was able to make him feel better. Like, much better. Seriously, REALLY good.

Too bad he's a douchebag who hates Stiles' guts.

Prequel to You Can Run: basically the torrid tale of Stiles' doomed love affair with Jackson Whittemore.

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