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Belated Update: Two New Fics

So in one of those strange impulses that occasionally strikes, I signed up for this year's Steter Secret Santa, which I have to confess is incredibly out of character for me. I had a few nightmares about sad Santees crying over their empty stockings because of my being a basket case, but happily for all involved I managed to come up with two fics for the event. The first is a holiday-themed PWP entitled: In which Peter channels Edward Cullen. Here's the blurb:

T’was the night before X-mas, and Stiles was nestled snug in his bed, visions of curly fries dancing in his head, when he wakes to find a certain creeper wolf sitting at his desk. Staring at him. While he sleeps.

I did up my usual "loving hands at home" cover art, on effing Powerpoint of all things because I utterly failed to figure out how to work Photoshop. So here it is:

The second fic is dark, like ticket-to-Stockholm messed up mindfuck, though falling short (IMHO) of "Dead Dove: Do Not Eat" territory. As the notes tell you, it is loosely inspired by one of my favorite scenes in all of television, the creepy-ass dinner between Kara Thrace (aka Starbuck) and Leoben Conoy in Battlestar Galactica "Occupation," which has haunted me since I first saw it during the great BSG marathon of 2009.

Here's my attempt at a cover:

Both are roughly 3000 words and are posted on AO3. Here be links:

Hope you enjoy!

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