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Goodreads Reviews: Concubine of a Space Conqueror! by Charlotte Mistry

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Forget it: you don't really need the blurb--the title tells it all.


Basically alien uber-alpha meets human super-slut. Usually I find the device of the sub wrapping the big, tough alpha around his little finger to be cutesy and tiresome, but here it works beautifully. Elliot's supposed "pleas" not to touch him are beyond hilarious and provide a new twist on a depressingly stale genre. Typical Example:

"Now you listen to me, impudent whelp," Kastya snarled, "this is no game. If you don't start adopting your proper place I'll tie you to the bed and do what I like--"

"Not that," Elliot said breathily, "that would be just awful."

It's impossible not to admire Elliot's sheer confidence that sex with him will be so mind-boggling that Katsya will no longer feel the urge to conquer more planets.

Finally, extra kudos for the sublime title: Concubine of a Space Conqueror! is second only to Gay Tentacles From Space! in the Mistry canon.

Rating: Five Stars

(First posted on Goodreads)

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